What is MyBabyGym ?

MyBabyGym is a friendly app for parents who want to help their babies succeed in practicing Tummy Time

Make tummy time practice fun

MyBabyGym uses computer vision to understand what the baby is doing. It then interactively adjusts a specially designed stimulation and verbal feedback to motivates the baby to lift its head and strengthening him neck and back muscles.

Track your baby’s progress

Gone are the days when you had to rely on Grandma or the neighbour to know whether your child is progressing as they should. MyBabyGym allows you to track your baby’s progress simply, so you can relax in the knowledge that they’re on the right track.

Improve your baby’s tummy time quality

Tummy-time exercising is not just laying your baby on his tummy when he’s awake. Posture, body alignment and motivation are as important as your baby’s muscle strength and endurance. MyBabyGym has been developed by a special team of parents and experts to enable your baby exercise in a way which not only builds up his muscle strength but also his motivation. It also allows you to focus on helping your baby experience the best quality exercise.

Maayan Rivkes-Spectorman
Chief Physical Therapist, MyBabyGym
(BPT, M.Sc.P.T.).

Parent’s experience


Like anything else in life, screen time can be used for good or bad purposes. Hours of TV viewing is of course not recommended for babies. MyBabygym, in contrast, is used to help babies to perform a highly important motor training. It limits the usage to five minutes max per single session and overall 30 minutes max a day. It uses special content that was designed to interest the babies without over stimulate them. It reacts to the baby’s situation and also verbally encourage him during the practice. And most important – it co-engage babies and parents. Parents are encouraged to sit next to the baby, encourage him and help him keep an optimal training position.
Tummy Time is an intense physical exercise. As such, it should be practiced for relatively short periods of time in order to create a positive training experience. This is why we limit the session length to five minutes. Newborns will usually start with a two to three minute session and gradually progress until they can perform the full five minutes session.
It is important to practice Tummy Time as much as possible. We recommend using the app 3 to 4 times a day. This will allow the babies to adjust the practice. It will also enable their parents to track their baby’s progress.
The app is designed for healthy babies aged two to eight months. At this age the baby’s eye sight has matured for him/her to focus on the animated content being presented. In case of a diagnosed medical condition, please consult your physician or physiotherapist before using the app.
No. The app is offline during the baby’s training session. All processing is done on the tablet itself. In this sense it is just like taking a video of the baby.

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